Corporate TEEM Building

Together Everyone Escapes More

Build effectiveness, morale and develop creative energy in our dedicated game master led sessions. Unique, challenging and fun that we will adapt to your needs. Would you like to be in the control room to see your employees play? Just let us know and we’ll make arrangements.

Research shows that company investment in team building activities pays in dividends of improved group morale, work efficiency, and productivity.

Rush Hour Escapes was designed as a unique positive team building experience. Rather than an approach that focuses on gaps or deficiencies in team dynamics, our sessions build on positive core strengths through appreciative inquiry and active listening techniques before, during, and after the escape room experience. Would you like our game masters to provide your group some feedback on what they saw during the game? We would be happy to do that and have some fun doing it too! Trust us, we’ve seen it all!

Rush Hour Escapes offers team building and corporate sessions during weekday daytime hours.

Please call to discuss how we can create a unique and meaningful event for your staff. We have video screens in our corporate room available to show training material if you would like to conduct business first before or after you play. Feel free to have food catered, or reserve our room for a whole day and bring in a motivational speaker. We will help you arrange any event large or small.

TEEM Building Event Pricing:

Pricing is based on the amount of people and how long you want to play.

Our event pricing is based on the number of rooms that you need to accommodate your group per hour. You can add some time to yourselves in our corporate/party room for $25 per hour. Bring your own food and drink to enjoy or have an actual business meeting before or after you play our escape rooms! If you need more than an hour, each additional hour will be $25.

4 Rooms

$ 700

4 Rooms

$ 800

5 Rooms

$ 874

6 Rooms

$ 1000

Changes or refunds can be made up to 24 hours prior to your event. No refunds given inside of 24 hours. The number of players is based on how many people we can fit in our rooms comfortably, but if you would like to keep the same number of rooms but add more players it will be $22.50 per extra players. Please call us at 540-684-6695 and we would be happy to help you book your event or help you promote your event to your employees or friends!