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At Rush Hour Live Escape Games in Fredericksburg, VA, we are committed to providing a fun and friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy making a lasting memory with family, friends, and co-workers. A Live Escape Game is an interactive experience where you and your group pick a themed room with a mission: find the lost jewel, escape the pirate’s brig, or clear your name of murder! You’ll be surrounded by puzzles, clues, and codes that you will solve by working together as a team. Don’t worry, no one is ever locked in any room, and you will have the help of your own personal Game Master who will be watching your progress and can provide as many nudges, clues, and hints as you request. Problem-solving skills, logic, and patience will all come in handy as well as a spirit of cooperation and a sense of fun.

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Ready-Made Fun for the Whole Family with Our Live Escape Games in Fredericksburg, VA

Players ages 13 and up can play without an adult and will enjoy solving puzzles and searching for clues. Younger players are OK as long as they play with one adult. We have great restaurants right outside our doors, so you and your group only need to park the car once to make a night of it! Check out our Eat, Play, Live promotion with the nearby restaurants to save money on food and fun! Try this new and different group activity that will get you out of the house for an entertaining and safe adventure of readymade fun that everyone can participate in regardless of physical ability.​

Team Building That Doesn't Feel Like Team Building

Learn cooperation and listening skills as our Game Masters guide your corporate team through this fun and effective team building event. There’s no time for lengthy decision-making, so a good leader is essential to every team! Every brain will be needed to be successful. Feel free to mix business and pleasure. Use our meeting space to hold a company meeting or do some required training and then enjoy some fun time with your co-workers! Escape rooms are more fun that trust falls, hurt less than paintball, and everyone can play, unlike golf.

Gamers and Enthusiasts Looking For a Challenge

Think Rush Hour Live Escape Games in Fredericksburg, VA, will be too easy for your talented team? Fear not. We have a wide variety of games with different difficulty levels and a different number of recommended players. It's your game, so we will run it the way you want to play it. Tell your game master that you want to forgo any hints and use your skills to compete for time records against other committed gamers. Want even more challenges? Then play our 6 to 8 person rooms with only 4 people! We maintain a leaderboard for every room, so do your best and get your name in lights!

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